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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Personal Use - Dotted Easter Alpha w Shadow

FeedBurner has been dropping feeds like crazy lately, it went from 700 to under 300. I think the problem right now is with the Google take over, hopefully they will work this out soon. Sorry if you were not able to get your reads properly.

This is a dotted alpha I made but I goofed a bit and left the shadows. So a fair warning - the shadow in the preview is what the actual alpha has.. If you still want it and think you can use it click on the image to get it. ~it is not clear - it has a beige background~


Peg said...

What a beautiful alpha! Thank you so much for sharing it, goofs and all!!

Anonymous said...

I love this alpha, thanks for sharing Hugs, Trica

Michele said...

Cute!!! Thank you!

Lezlee said...

This alpha is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!

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