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Friday, October 24, 2008

I got this questionnaire from Marie. Kind of looks like the one I made up a while ago lol

1. How long have you been using the PSP/PS?

I started using PSP just about 5 years ago. Within the last three months I have been using Photoshop and LOVE IT!! I am making most of my graphics with PS now!! Can't live without those layer styles and actions!!

2. How did you get into tags/scraps?

I got into tagging when I opened MSN space and seen all the beautiful tags floating around and wanted to make my own. Then I wanted to dress up the space and started making layouts and learned html. The very first tutorial site I visited was Nemesis tutorials and made a tag from one of the tuts. Still go there till today =)

3. Who is your favourite artist?

I am going to assume that it means digital artist because otherwise I will name many =) Karin Coma, Keith Garvey, Suzanne Woolcott and Vinegar - in alphabetical =)

4. Favourite scrap designer?

Too many to name. Really!! I am constantly inspired by the beautiful scraps I see online. Action/CU designers who have got the most of my money are Monica Larsen, RoseLi, and Luiza Garay.

5. Three blogs I visit everyday are:

Flashgraphics - I love her designs and creativity.
Digifree - who doesn't!! lol
With A Russian/Dutch Heart - freebie list too and great creations!

I also visit CU Freebies Only Forum and blog, KittzKreationz, and for new actions =)

You can answer this questionnaire in the comments for fun! =)

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