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Disabling All Comments and DOLLAR DAY at AhhhScrap!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today is DOLLAR DAY at AhhhScrap!! Don't miss out on the sale!! You can get my Tag Album for a dollar today!!

Click on the image to get it!!

4 Shared has made it a great pain to post comments and I know some people *like me* like to leave comments on 4shared accounts as well as here. SO I am going to disable my 4shared comments and you will be able to leave them on my blog instead. All my download pages open in new window so you don't have to click the back button. I think it would be easier that way and people won't see a file with 700 downloads and 6 thank-yous, email 4shared and ask to change it back.. until that happens - comments on 4shared are disabled.

ALSO I have noticed a lot of people on 4shared sharing my files. Please remove them from public sharing. You are allowed to have them stored on your account for personal use but you are not allowed to have it available for other people to download!! If you have them - I will contact you first and give you a reasonable time bracket to remove them.

I make freebies and I don't make you jump through hoops to get them - point your friends to my blog to get them - that is all I ask, but please do not share my kits in whole or in parts.

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  1. I have already emailed 4Shared telling them that many of us from the scrapping world are fed up to the back teeth with them. I normally click DOWNLOAD NOW and then scroll down and leave a comment. Why they mess about with things I don't know! I future I shall be trying Filebuffer as it seems to be user friendly. I hope they don't end up loosing my files or messing up the links!

    Now for the real reason I am here. I wanted to say thank you so very much for all your wonderful gifts. Your work is beautiful and I simply love all the kits you have done. I've been through a really rough patch and with the help of the Scrapping Community and wonderful people like yourself I have managed to keep myself busy, happy, amused, amazed and last but not least thankful.

    Big Hugs

  2. I like to leave a comment at 4shared and back to the blog to comment again, thank you for making my life a little easier ;)

  3. So beautiful is all your work and even funner is your blog so I gave you an award for Kreativ Blogger! Come by and get it. Hugs!

  4. Ok, so I am new to all this digital scrapping, and I have downloaded some of your christmas work this week.. I opened a free 4share acct. Is it storing what I download on there for others to download? Or am I ok on this?

    BTW, thank you for your awesome work! I love it all!

  5. Hey Anna,

    Thank You for getting back with me so quickly! I just checked out my 4shared account and I am good to go. I am totally diabled! :0)

    Thank You Again!

  6. Thanks for the kits

  7. Hear hear!! I would rather leave a comment on your blog than on 4share... and tend to do it anyway.

    No sharing should be if you giving us these wonderful freebies, private and CU are not enough? Thank you!! Appreciate your hard work, your sharing, and your standing up for yourself on this!!

  8. this is my first time on your site.
    First Thank You so very much for sharing your amazing work. It is absolutely charming. Your so kind to share it with us.