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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Thank you for your patience and support while I try to recover from server wipe out. If you have any free older kits of mine and would like to send them to me so I can re-post please email Thank you! Here is a freebie in the meantime :)

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  1. So sorry about your server. I have a lot of your CU freebies, if you want several of them, I'll look for.
    Thank you so much.

  2. I have over 500 of them, that's a lot to email to you! I could mail a disk or upload them somewhere maybe?

  3. Thanks for the patterns. Have been collecting your stuff for quite a few years, mostly for my own scrapping and some of the CU stuff used for color challenge free kits.. Have made a word document with screen dumps from both of my computers of all the files that I have and will email you that. At your leisure (if you have any), review and let me know if you want any of it. So sorry about the server problems, know how frustrating that can be

  4. uh-oh... clicked on publish, had to signin and then my post disappeared. if there's just a delay, sorry for the duplicate. very sorry to learn about your server "difficulties". i've been digi-scrapping since late 2008 and have TONS of your stuff (since 2009?). would be HAPPY to send you (upload to your link) whatever might be missing from the above commenters. i'll try to remember to do a screen print (on different PC) and send it to you :-)